BASEMENT BEDROOM: As the 1st of a 3-part project, my clients requested that I create a basement bedroom out of a very tiny bare-bones space (77sq.ft!) that was being used for storage. They never believed that this cluttered room could really become a bedroom!

Recognising the limitations of the space they nevertheless required that it not feel congested, that there be some area to place books and a night table, that the radon tube that was located in the space be hidden but accessible, and that the electrical box be also out of sight.


Drywall and laminate floors were added as well as recessed lighting so as not to take away from the limited height of the space.

A forest mural as added to the back wall in order to give the space an impression of depth as well as helping to bring light and warmth to a room with only a peek space for a window.

With storage room at a minimum, I suggested a double bed with a spring-release system for raising the mattress in order to access the area below it but the owners ultimately opted for a regular base.

The electrical box and storage crawl space were camouflaged with recessed-panel double doors that made the façade look a large cabinet.

The results speak for themselves.

KITCHEN NOOK: As the 2nd part of this project my clients asked me to redecorate the area with integrated seating for a cozier atmosphere that was in line with the details of this off-kitchen space.

Since this area was directly off of the formal dining area and in site of the living room it was important that the fabric selection and decoration of the nook be cohesive with these other spaces.

Newly-installed wall heaters were discrete but had to be taken into consideration when designing the layout and the furniture (a local craftsman was sourced to do the build).


“We hired Roger from OAI for our living room and dining room. Great service, very professional, stayed on budget, delivered on time. He was open to our ideas, but had great suggestions himself too. We were very happy with the results.”

LIVING/DINING ROOMS: The 3rd part of this project consisted of the living and dining room areas.

The clients’ wishes for these areas were that:

  1. they be more convivial for entertaining friends and family;
  2. the layout of the furniture be reorganized accordingly;
  3. the decor be in line with the essential elements of the space and with their tastes;
  4. the space be child-friendly for raising their son, a recent addition to the family.

Existing white leather living room furniture was perfect for the newly renovated space lending to the contemporary feel. Gold was the accent color of choice to combine the classical elements with the contemporary ones.

Two area rugs were selected to define each area: a classic Persia-style hand-tufted pure wool rug in muted colors was a perfect fit for the more classical lines of the house’s architecture while adding to the eclecticism of the overall design intent.

Laying adjacent to this, the dining room rug was selected for its clean contemporary geometric design that nevertheless mirrored the rectangular details of the living room rug pattern.

Next, a patterned wallpaper with a silver crackled finish in muted colors of gold was a welcomed accent to an otherwise white canvas along the long wall that is common to both of these areas.

The wallpaper too was selected for its pattern’s classical references and colors that worked seamlessly with the rugs that were chosen for the spaces.

The existing dining table and chairs were contemporary in style. Two contemporary credenzas were added. The back wall was given a punch of color in Benjamin Moore’s Cool Blue.

Living room and nook cushions were selected for fabric colors/patterns that complemented this accent color.

Decorative pieces were kept to a minimum and out of reach of inquisitive hands: two classic Murano hand-blown glass table lamps with linen shades, matching gold-framed abstract artwork, gilt metal center piece and tree of life gilt metal artwork completed the look.

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