Following their satisfaction with my services for the development of their outdoor courtyard (see exterior project « A FAMILY AFFAIR »), John and Ornella retained my services, this time as interior designer, to conceptualize a new organization of spaces and décor for their single- storey house with finished basement in Brossard.

Living there for a few years now, the new reality of working-from-home has led to a situation conducive to the redefinition of the living and working spaces of this young family which include John’s mother.

Storage (or lack thereof!) was one of the top priorities. Also, attention should be paid throughout the redevelopment process to facilitate the use of common areas by John’s mother.

Obviously to respond correctly to the needs of my clients a global view of all the living spaces on both floors was essential, even if this project would be carried out in two stages.

Some clues to the corrections made:

  •  John’s mother’s room which was previously located in the basement has been moved  upstairs thus avoiding the daily need to go up and down steps;
  •  The master bedroom is now in the basement. By being quite a bit larger, there is much  more space for storage with the addition of wardrobes and a chest of drawers;
  • The s-d-b and laundry room in the basement are now combined into one large room With the details planned for this new bathroom it will be much more inviting!;
  •  The two work offices, currently in two bedrooms upstairs, are relocated to the basement  and are separated by a soundproofing wall and door;

– A window will be added to bring natural light into one of the two offices. This  office will serve a double functioning: in the evening it could be used as a lounge  area;
– With its Murphy bed, the second desk could accommodate the occasional visit.  There is also a large wardrobe with plenty of storage space;

  • On the ground floor the kitchen wall separating it from the dining room will be reduced to create an open-plan atmosphere, perfect for this family who receives regularly. Again a lot of storage is provided with the addition of wall of full-height cabinets;
  • Living room, dining-room and kitchen will now make a large room where no one will feel excluded from family activities;
  • The new upstairs bathroom has been designed to be the most functional taking into account its use by the children and their grandmother. Preparations for the renovation of the basement are underway and completion is expected by the end of 2022. Stay tuned for the progress of this project by returning to this page to see the updates!

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