Ste-Julie, Québec: +610 m² (6500 sq. ft.) backyard haven. Part Shade

This backyard had a lot of potential! The previous landscaping had lost it appeal through neglect over the years.

The clients, pool installers and pool renovators by profession, wanted to install a pool of their own and a modern shed in their recently-acquired sprawling residence. They hired me to create a unique concept that brought all of the elements together cohesively and to create a planting scheme that was appropriate to the lot’s situation.

The new plantings, close attention paid to the circulation paths and accesses insure that every corner of this large lot can be used to its full advantage.


Roger is very good at what he does. He took the time to see what I needed and produced a project that reflects all those aspects.

Piscines et Spas Poseidon

This project was realised in collaboration with Piscines et Spas POSEIDON and Sol-Art.



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