Notre-Dame-de-Grâce : 72m² (780 sq. ft.) back yard

The clients had the following wishes for their new living space:

A fountain was non-negotiable and it needed to be central to the whole  design.

Raised borders that would make care of  the garden easier (on the back!) and that could be sued as seating, offering different points of view of the new garden

Above all, Ruth wanted her beds filled with indigenous plantings with an English cottage feel and scent

My client Ruth and her husband David called on my services to help them with the design of their small backyard garden.

There was one particular constraint:
their large parasol with footing was taking up a major part of the existing deck but needed to be better-fitted into the new design.

Maintenance and additions since the completion of the project have been made by the Ruth who loves gardening and the garden has flourished and matured.

Installation was done by Etienne Benoit and his team at Le Paysagiste Montréal.

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