Notre Dame-de-Grâce : 40 m² (420 sq. ft.) front garden

My client David called on me again in 2020 (I created his backyard garden a few years ago see the project NATURAL BEAUTY). This time he asked me to design the front yard garden that had been ravaged by the requirement of drainage work by the city.

On his wish list were:

  • No grass if possible
  • Low-maintenance flowering plants and vines with sequential flowering throughout the growing season
  • Incorporating some of the existing perennials into the new design
  • Easy access to the different sections of the garden to create a feeling of immersion
  • The use of inert materials in the form of mulch and rocks (boulders) to add interest
  • Make a soft delineation along the property line


This project was initiated in 2020 during the pandemic and will be completed in 2021. Stay tuned for pictures of this mini-botanical garden once it has been completed!

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