Outremont41 m² (440 sq.ft.) backyard living extension

On the gracious recommendation of a mutual friend, I was contacted by the clients to imagine an inviting backyard retreat in their upscale neighborhood.

This project was initiated in 2020 during the pandemic and will be completed in 2021. Stay tuned for pictures of this sanctuary once it has been completed!

  • Make the views from the house inviting
  • Create a lounge area + a designated dining area
  • Redesign the perimeter fence to be harmonious with the neighboring fence.
  •  Low-maintenance flowering plants and vines
  • Optimize the available space
  • Recycling any existing elements that could be integrate into the new design
  •  Integrate lighting into the design
  • Camouflage the heat pump


“ Roger came highly recommended by a colleague of mine at work, as I had been planning a backyard renovation for years and needed someone with expertise in style and design to get the project off the ground.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to friends, colleagues and others wishing to hire him or even for my own next project.”

This project will be realized in collaboration with Sol Vert and Patio Terrasse Beauchamp


Téléphone: 514.949.0930 +  roger@oaiconcept.com