My clients, Rosa and Mo, active young professionals with a big family, were looking to amp up their backyard living space by unify existing elements to others that they wished to add.

The brief:

  •  Big family with even bigger extended family;

  • Need for a lot of seating area to accommodate large family gatherings;

  • Addition of a spa with 3-4 season access;

  • Pergola structure to help with noon and afternoon direct sun;

  • A shading structure for the existing raised balcony;

  • Creation of a lounge area with a fire pit/center table;

  • Extend and elaborate the planting areas to compliment the revised layout plan;

  • Hide the unsightly propane tank;

  • Insure the overall cohesiveness of the new design.

The placement of the dining table + chairs was easily defined by the existing kitchen island. The double TojaGrid® pergola was created to serve as a frame for al fresco dining area and the proposed lounge seating and fire pit/center table, thereby unify the design.

Ornamental grasses were used to camouflage the side of the spa and give some separation from the lounge without creating a closed in effect.

The use of horizontal cedar wood slat structures around the spa yields some intimacy from the neighbours and offers a place to hang a bathrobe. Using the same organic element as the pergola structure insures cohesiveness of the design.

A similar structure with a door is used to hide the propane tank while keeping it still accessible.

A neutral palette for the lounge furniture was suggested. Pops of color can be introduced using contrasting cushions and seasonal plantings in pots.

Rosa and Mo intend on bringing this project to life during 2022. I will be there to assist them in making their dream come true!

Stay tuned for the progress of this project by returning to this page to see the updates!

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