The current setup of the backyard of this residence located on the South Shore offered me the opportunity to start almost from scratch and create for my clients, John and Ornella, a complete redesign, integrating only two existing elements: a 10m2 terrace and a rectangular shed.

My clients were looking to expand the existing seating/dining area by using the unused space available to create an additional “room” for family gatherings where children, extended family, and friends could share friendly meals and unforgettable moments together.

The proposal of a second terrace on a lower level than the original one (but not at ground level) and a pergola structure ensures that different zones are well-defined.

Raised beds on the edge of this new terrace as well as those around the façade of the new shed are intended to be used as a vegetable garden.

Aquatic elements are important for this family who originate from distant islands where the water is aqua blue. So above ground pool and spa was part of their wish list.

The plants selected for the new design require little maintenance but insure visual interest throughout the summer season. Thus they are well-adapted to the rhythm of active life of these two professionals with two young children.

The project will be realised in stages, with work slated to begin in the summer of 2022.

(John and Ornella have also hired me as an interior designer to rethink the layout and décor of their home (ground floor and basement. See the project entitled WELCOME!).

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