Interior and Exterior Design  <<


I discuss with the client to understand their project.


I apply my creativity keeping in mind the client’s wishlist.


I work with reputable contractors to bring the project to life.

>> OAI is a company that I created out of my passion for interior and garden design.

I believe that your interior and exterior surroundings should be a reflection of your tastes and values, hence the name OAI: Outside As Inside.


Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”.
Napoleon Hill

I accompany my clients through every step of the design process, listening to their landscaping and interior design to understand their project.

I present creatively-formulated, clear, detailed design plans and decors that more-often-than-not exceed our customers’ expectations.

My passion for what I do, as well as excellent listening and communications skills and my attention to details all define the OAI work ethic.


Good order is the foundation of all things”.
Edmund Burke

Accomplishment of any landscape design or interior renovation/decoration is guaranteed by an excellent, well-thought-out plan. I take the appropriate steps to insure the success of your project:

>> An initial telephone conversation to:

  • Discuss, in general terms, the aims of your project, its size, and areas to be updated, budget, time frame.
  • Explain the services I offer to my clients for the type of project described.

 >> A face-to-face meeting with the client to further elaborate the client’s tastes and requirements. This consultation is very important to the design process and is meant to be a collaboration between client and designer. By the end of our meeting the design intent will be defined and you will feel very excited about the new prospects for your project.

>> With this information in hand I will make initial presentations of ideas /options that are in compliance with the design intent.

>> Further designer/client meetings are scheduled as necessary to update options, to maintain the design vision and to keep the client aware of how their project is evolving every step of the way.


Teamwork makes the dream work…
John C. Maxwell

Working with experienced and certified landscape and renovation contractors I can, at the client’s request, oversee the installation and progress of their project.

I have a vested interest in knowing that the finished project meets or even exceeds the expectations of my clients.

For landscaping design projects I offer a series of regularly-scheduled visits after install to evaluate its progress. Each program is adapted to the client’s needs, experience, and budget.



“ Roger came highly recommended by a colleague of mine at work, as I had been planning a backyard renovation for years and needed someone with expertise in style and design to get the project off the ground. I was so pleased, from day 1, with his ability to ask the right questions to elicit responses which enabled him to create a lovely design concept for our outdoor living space.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to friends, colleagues and others wishing to hire him or even for my own next project. ”

Nicolas Guillotte

Roger is very good at what he does. He took the time to see what I needed and produced a project that reflects all those aspects.”

Piscines et Spas Poseidon

Michèle Dauphin

“I simply loved working with Roger. I appreciated his availability, involvement, and especially his respect for my tastes and my budget. I highly recommend him!”

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